Good to know information when travelling to Cape Town

It is always good to be travel-savvy anywhere in the world.

Here are some useful tips that we put together to make your travel more enjoyable.

Currency & Cash

South Africa uses Rands as our primary currency. You can view the current exchange rate here. Dollars or Pounds can be accepted in establishments in the V&A Waterfront. You can withdraw Rands from ATMs or use your Visa/Mastercard which is accepted everywhere.


You are welcome to tip in South Africa for exceptional services. 10-15% is recommended for restaurants and activities. You are not obliged unless in large groups visiting restaurants. Some establishments add a 12% discretionary tip on the bill which can be amended if you would like to tip more or less for the service.


The Cape weather can be variable. Always carry multi-layered clothes with you – especially when hiking or going on boat cruises. Weather can change quickly from sunny skies to storm.

Comfortable walking shoes

Wear comfortable shoes when exploring the city. You can easily hit your daily step target.

Public transportation

Uber is easy to use and widely available throughout Cape Town and her surrounds. There are shuttle services available to and from popular attractions. We do not advise taking the local train and minibus taxi services.


If you prefer to hire a vehicle, there are many companies to choose from such as Avis, Tempest, Europcar etc. It is also popular to hire a classic car, motorbike or even a 4x4. Car hire companies can be found at the airport or in the city centre. South Africans drive on the left side of the road as we were a former British Colony.

Private transportation

We do offer private shuttle or limousine services for those who do not want to take public transport or self-drive during your stay. Let us know if you require airport pick-up or drop-off.


Any developing country has concerns around safety. We advised to always walk in groups and in popular areas. Don’t carry too much cash on hand – rather use cards to pay. Most places accept Visa and Mastercard. We also advise not to walk around the city with your phone in hand. There is visible security in all major tourist sights.